Nurturing Strength, Embracing Possibility

Serving at-promise youth through holistic and purposeful wellness programs.

About Us:

Get Open™ is a groundbreaking program dedicated to empowering underserved youth through immersive camp experiences. Our holistic approach is three-fold: ignite the body, nurture the mind, and enrich the soul.

Our multiple day camps are community building spaces centered on blending athletic technique with somatic practices and creative arts expression. This integrated approach is designed by expert professionals in their respective fields and our engagement aims to create a transformative journey of connection, growth and healing.



Join The Movement

Empower Youth:

Empowering youth to embrace their innate potential and resilience to equip them with necessary tools to thrive in life.

Elevate Silenced Voices:

Amplifying voices often overlooked and underserved with a dedicated platform for personal and community agency and change.

Inspire The Misunderstood:

Nurturing the understanding of redemption with spaces of exploration, connection and vulnerability through community practices that foster empathy, growth and healing.

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Phone: (888)-315-4352
Address: 215 N New River Dr E Suite 160, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Get Open is not-for-profit organization headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 501c3 status